Comment Policy

The comment policy here is: whatever I say goes. Alternatively, as the late William F. Buckley used to say, Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi, or: what is permitted to Jupiter is not permitted to a cow. My house, my rules, and I make no pretence of having any interest in “every voice being represented” or any such Kumbaya silliness. It’s my belief that society would be a lot better off if the public square was open only to those who had something intellectually and morally meaningful to say, and I intend to contribute to that by relentlessly censoring and/or mocking any comments from the peanut gallery that don’t reach that high standard. If on the other hand you do have something valid and interesting to say, have at it! You’re always welcome here.


Hi there!

This is the eponymous blog of Hector St. Clare, a researcher in the life sciences and a commentator on life and the world. I don’t plan to talk a whole lot about my work here, so you can expect more of my comments on politics, religion, culture,¬†economics, society, literature, and human nature, as well as some more personal vignettes. My overall perspective could probably be described as (in politics) “reactionary communist”, and (in religion) a heterodox Christian with pronounced Gnostic inclinations. You can find me on Rod Dreher’s blog comboxes quite regularly. Welcome to my blog!